Piron Subs - Academic Subscriptions

Making digital materials available to institutions around the world. These materials are secure, yet can be openly available to students, allowing for the use of audio, video and testing/tracking. Looking for the Hiragana Times Click the picture above.


The place to find all of the titles and publishers we have worked with. There are links to books, and publisher or author pages which contain more information or purchase options (Buy or Rent). All devices, on & off line.

Veative Labs

Hundreds of VR modules for education, based around Math and Science. Available online and off. With assessments and analytics. Can be mapped to the curriculum, and tied to an LMS/LRS. Taking VR to the next level.

Partnering with Piron

We have extended our reach by partnering with two other companies, MTC (US) and Piron (NY/Delhi). MTC brings technical innovation to the publishing world, and Piron allows us to share this with a wider world, through their eLearning platform... Flexi LMS

Who We Are

A diverse group, with unique skills

Together, we consist of sales, technical and second langugage skills in Japan (6 members), a long history of textbook writing and product development in the US (around a dozen), and adviced eLearning and delivery skills (approx 300+) in NY and Delhi.

Piron Pub Clients

A short listing of some clients... growing quickly

  • Hiragana Times, Intrinsic Books
  • Cambridge UP, Real Reads
  • ProLingua, Solution Tree
  • Saddleback Educational Publishing
  • Helbling, Pavilion, Delta

About DEC and links

Formed in 1993, in Japan

  • Daimatsu English Centre

    2nd classroom build in 2013
  • Gan Bokumetsu Cancer Walk (TFR)

    Held since Oct 2000